Vocational Training & Development

New Directions recognizes the importance that employment and financial independence play in the transition to independence for young adults. We also believe that the sense of accomplishment that comes from successful work experiences enhances well-being. Through our Vocational skills program, our students are offered unique opportunities to gain skills as well as to increase self-esteem and personal autonomy. These opportunities range from volunteer placements to employment in business throughout our local community.

Vocational Assessment Services

Choosing a career requires several factors be considered. Personal abilities are essential, but interests, personal preferences, and life experiences also play an important part in helping select an occupation your young adult enjoys. Research shows individuals have a better chance of being satisfied in an occupation if their interests are similar to those of people already employed in that occupation.

Career assessments are used to ascertain our clients’ likes and dislikes. These results point out areas where our clients’ interests match and do not match other people who are working in various occupations. The results obtained help understand how individual preferences fit into the world of work. Results are designed to be an aid for reaching a career decision that will be most satisfying for each student.

Tried and true standardized assessment tools are utilized in our program. Such tools have been revised and updated through many decades of research. They provide the latest, most thorough information available relating career interests, personality, and work environments. These assessments expand each of our client’s understanding of both themselves and their career options.

Vocational Placement Services

We recognize that finding a job is a fundamental aspect of our mission, and have made job placement one of our strengths. When they are ready, clients are supported in procuring first internships and then full-pay positions in their field of choice. Their search is aided by our partnerships with local businesses and the Job Match Program. Students are assisted with:

  • Resume Writing
  • Mock Interviews
  • We transport to volunteer sites and school within 5 miles of our office.
New Direction for Young Adults Vocational Training & Development

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