Darcy Miholer

Darcy Miholer, BA / Program Coordinator

Darcy, along with her husband and four children relocated to South Florida in 2013 from the small town of Three Rivers, Michigan. She studied Business Administration at Lee University in TN, received her Human Services degree from Kellogg College in MI, and is currently pursuing a degree in Psychology with a focus on Addictions and Recovery from Liberty University. It was Darcy’s humanitarian involvement that led her to New Directions in 2018. Having a life long passion to help others inspired her to participate and orchestrate relief projects all over the world. Some of these include providing Tsunami relief in Sri Lanka in 2004, and more recently leading group of volunteers in an orphanage restoration project in Pierre Payen, Haiti in 2015. These, among countless other experiences led her to leave the corporate world in 2017 to settle into a career that would allow her to make a difference in the world on a more local level. In her free time, Darcy coaches and plays volleyball, and enjoys reading, writing and cooking.
Bobby Jividen

Bobby Jividen, BA, BS / Academic Director

Bobby was born in California and grew up in Ohio before moving to South Florida at age 13. He attended Palm Beach Community College where he worked as a supplemental instructor of macroeconomics. In 2009, Bobby graduated summa cum laude from Florida Atlantic University with a Bachelor of Science in economics and a Bachelor of Arts in political science and interdisciplinary studies. He plans on continuing his education with a graduate degree in international relations or international political economy. Bobby enjoys cooking, reading and making music. He spends much of his free time finding new recipes; discovering new writers, artists and musicians; and researching chord progressions in popular music.