Choosing a Transition Program for Your Young Adult

You have a lot of concerns as a parent. It has reached the point where you believe a transition program is really the best choice for your young adult. You know your young adult needs more than you’re able to provide. But you still have a lot of questions: Is this the right kind of program? Will he or she learn the necessary skills for independent living? Does the staff truly care about your young adult’s success? Will your young adult make friends and find

Don’t Be Discouraged By Setbacks

Changes don’t happen overnight. You can follow all of the advice in our blog. You can spend hours discussing what you need to do with counselors and parents who have been there. But it takes time. When you choose a transition program such as NDFYA, or are trying to help your young adult yourself, understand that your young adult won’t improve immediately. There will be days he or she needs to be dragged from bed. They’ll lose track of time and

How a Transition Program Helps Move Your Young Adult Toward Independence

Sometimes your young adult needs more. You’ve both tried therapy, maybe even many different types of therapy, with no real progress. He or she enrolled in college courses, only to lose interest and drop out, or fail classes. His or her friends either have a similar past, or are encouraging even worse behaviors. Where do you go from here? It may be time to consider a transition program geared specifically toward young adults who have the same struggles as your child. Rather

How Do You Choose a Transition Program?

How many attempts have you made to foster independence in your young adult? Do you feel your attempts have accomplished nothing? You’ve seen different counselors, attended support groups, discussed the problem with other parents. Your young adult still spends too much time at home or with friends, can’t get a job or misses too many hours, or is failing classes. Someone suggests a transition program. After investigating the idea, you decide this type of program is the best way to get your

NDFYA Featured on Episode of Inside Pleasant Hill

Clinical Director Dr. Kent Grelling and Program Director Matt Xavier talk with Inside Pleasant Hill about NDFYA and the work we do for young adults with mild disabilities. Recently the California campus was given the opportunity to share our mission with Inside Pleasant Hill. Inside Pleasant Hill is a program showcasing news, people, locations, events, and organizations related to the city of Pleasant Hill, CA. All of the episodes can be viewed on Vimeo, and new episodes air on Comcast Channel