social skills

NDFYA: Social Skills Program – Social Events

Comfort in social situations and the growth of new relationships, as well as knowing how to maintain relationships, is an important part of your young adult’s independence. To help students develop this skill and comfort, we plan a lot of social events for New Directions students and staff that allow everyone to interact and get to know one another. Plus, many of these social events also help students gain additional skills, such as cooking, that will remain important throughout their

Transition Programs Help Young Adults of Many Backgrounds

Has your child been in trouble? Does that mean they don’t have a place in a transition program like NDFYA? It means they do. Though NDFYA was started to provide guidance toward independent living for young adults with special needs, we realized there were other young adults who needed help. This young woman is one example. She came to us directly out of a rehab program. At first she struggled to connect with our clinicians. The only part of therapy she enjoyed were