Students in New Directions transition programs are involved developing an individualized plan that is tailored to their individual interests, capabilities, and goals. This includes opportunities to gain further education at local colleges, adult educational programs, trade and technical schools, as well as employment, and volunteering experiences.

New Directions also helps students develop the well-rounded interpersonal skills required to have successful social interactions, prepare for the workforce and master the life skills needed to live independently. Our goal is for students to gain independence through our Coordinated Multidisciplinary Treatment (CMT) model and personalized treatment plans. Our program provides training for effective time management, development of organizational skills, self-care, as well as the continued growth of their emotional intelligence.

Students live independently and learn skills such as management of their personal space, meal preparation, managing their laundry and household chores. As these routines become established, and students continue in therapy, they learn the skills necessary to live and function as independent, successful young adults.

To get started with the journey of aiding your young adult in achieveing indpenednce, please contact us today. Also, take a look at our parent videos page, which demonstrates how elated each of our parents are with their young adult’s new success.

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