Social Skills & Relationship Building

Many young adults who need a transitional program have struggled with forming and maintaining healthy social relationships. For some autism, anxiety or self-esteem issues have made relationship building difficult. For others, social connections have historically been associated with unhealthy choices. For some some,We work with our students to enhance their ability to build relationships with family members, make positive friendships, interact with peers, feel confident to engage with the outside world

New Directions has a strong emphasis on cultivating a positive, supportive peer community. Program participants get to know each other as they attend treatment groups, activities, meals, and events together. In addition, our staff supports residents who are prone to isolating or withdrawing to build their capacity to trust, reach out, and engage with their peers.

Our staff also helps students develop the well-rounded interpersonal skills required to have successful social interactions, prepare for the workforce, and master the life skills needed to live independently. We also encourage active engagement in the community and assist clients in building the skills to successfully volunteer in local organizations, take classes, participate in sports teams, theater and arts activities or other community recreation, etc.

Some of our social activities include:

  • Dine Around
  • Cooking Group
  • Field Trips
  • Movie Night
  • Bowling
  • Game Night
  • Sports
  • Jiu-Jitsu

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