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Choosing a Transition Program for Your Young Adult

You have a lot of concerns as a parent. It has reached the point where you believe a transition program is really the best choice for your young adult. You know your young adult needs more than you’re able to provide. But you still have a lot of questions: Is this the right kind of program? Will he or she learn the necessary skills for independent living? Does the staff truly care about your young adult’s success? Will your young adult make friends and find

From Rehab to Transition Program to Successfully Independent

Her daughter was very dependent.This mother would receive 25 calls a day. They were all about “ridiculous” things, she says, and were distracting her from her own job.She dealt with discord between her daughter and her husband. And getting her daughter to attend family events was difficult.The young woman didn’t know how to drive. She refused to take public transportation. She didn’t budget her money well.  But That’s All ChangedAfter completing a rehab program, the staff there suggested her daughter come

Ready to Achieve Independence ?

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