With the help of New Directions Transitional Program for Young Adults, our students, who previously failed to thrive, are experiencing how to live on their own for the first time in their lives. We are much more than a mental health supportive housing program. The program at New Directions is individually tailored to your young adult’s needs. We provide young adults with the opportunity to pursue higher education, vocational goals, and transition into independence.

Our staff members offer on-going counseling, supportive services and mentoring to help students develop independent living skills, manage their emotions, achieve a balance between physical health and fitness, develop financial management skills, get vocational training, continue their academics, maintain an organized environment, establish healthy relationship patterns, and build self-esteem and values. In addition, we provide our students with transportation to school/jobs (within a 5 mile radius), match students with mentor services and organize special events (concerts, sports), family weekends, weekend trips and other organized excursions to provide our young adults with a well-rounded program experience. If you are seeking a life coach for young adults near me, we are here to provide the tools your young adult needs to thrive and be independent. As previously mentioned we are much more than residential homes for mentally disabled, we cater to a wide variety of struggling young adults (although we do provide assisted living for mentally disabled adults, this is only a fraction of what we do).

The whole purpose behind providing housing, is to help your young adult achieve independence through independent living. What sets us apart from other transitional treatment programs, is that we are not just a one of those residential treatment programs for depression. We have helped adults with a variety of issues from those on the spectrum, to other young adults with impulse control problems achieve a self-supportive and fulfilling life. Although we offer treatments that residential treatment programs for teenage depression as well, we are not limited to treating emotional issues young adults are having. New Directions understands that there is no “cookie cutter” approach to helping young adults live happy and independent lives. There has to be a plan that is custom made for each young adult’s needs. If you would like to learn about how we can help your young adult please give us a call.

New Directions for Young Adults: Clinical Psychology Services
Clinical Psychology Services
New Directions for Young Adults: Dt - Direction Therapy (CMT)
Dt - Direction Therapy (CMT)
New Directions for Young Adults: Individualized Service Plans
Individualized Service Plans
New Directions for Young Adults: Academic Support
Academic Support
New Directions for Young Adults: Vocational/Job Skills
Vocational/Job Skills
New Directions for Young Adults: Life Management Skills
Life Management Skills
New Directions for Young Adults: Social Skills/Relationships
Social Skills/Relationships

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