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Get up and move with social activities at New Directions

Our students have many opportunities for social and physical activities. Whether it’s a planned trip out in the community or just taking advantage of all the hiking, shopping, and water fun near by, our students are given the tools to build ...

Get your future on track at New Directions

In this interview, we talk with one of our students about her first six months at New Directions for Young Adults. Her anxiety at starting quickly turned to excitement thanks to the welcoming staff and students. Now, she has completed a semester of ...

A transition program is only as good as its staff

A transition program is only as good as its staff. At New Directions, we have put a great deal of effort into finding the right type of people for our transition programs in both Florida and California.

Don't Be Discouraged By Setbacks

Changes don’t happen overnight. You can follow all of the advice in our blog. You can spend hours discussing what you need to do with counselors and parents who have been there. But it takes time. When you choose a transition program such as ...

Helping Young Adults Build Skills to Get Hired

Have you put much thought into how your young adult looks for jobs? Does he or she just spend hours looking through classifieds or online postings? Is he or she filling out applications for anything that is available? Or maybe you’re the one doing all of the hunting for them?

It Takes a Village

Does your young adult have enough support? You and your family certainly provide support, and you may feel that should be enough. But what if your support isn’t enough? Despite your best efforts, your young adult may not accomplish his or her ...

How Do You Choose a Transition Program?

How many attempts have you made to foster independence in your young adult? Do you feel your attempts have accomplished nothing? You’ve seen different counselors, attended support groups, discussed the problem with other parents. Your young ...

NDFYA Featured on Episode of Inside Pleasant Hill

Clinical Director Dr. Kent Grelling and Program Director Matt Xavier talk with Inside Pleasant Hill about NDFYA and the work we do for young adults with mild disabilities.

Recently the California campus was given the opportunity to share our mission with Inside Pleasant Hill.

NDFYA: Social Skills Program - Social Events

Comfort in social situations and the growth of new relationships, as well as knowing how to maintain relationships, is an important part of your young adult's independence. To help students develop this skill and comfort, we plan a lot of social ...

New Directions Student Testimonial, Artist

A more mature New Directions for Young Adults (NDFYA) client talks about his experience with the program, from his beginnings in the program and the things he discovered about himself; how he found a job he loves based on his passion for art; ...

New Directions Student Testimonial, Vocational Success

A student talks about his experience in the New Directions for Young Adults Program. How the program mentors have helped him enrollment in school, helped him get a job and basically provide ‘round the clock assistance. He’s learned how ...

Supportive Staff and New Friends Showed This Young Woman How to be Independent

The right kind of support can make a difference when facing social anxieties. This young woman demonstrates that. Being around compassionate, understanding staff and students struggling with similar problems helped her understand she is not alone. Once she realized that, working through her problems wasn’t so hard after all. Watch the video to find out more about her experience.

Ready to Graduate from the New Directions from Young Adults Transitional Program!

We want to see our students succeed. This is why we offer so many services – from counseling to academic and career support to classes on life skills such as managing your home and finances.

But none of those services matter if a student isn’t motivated to succeed. That’s something these students learned during their stay at NDFYA

How a Transition Program Helps Young Adults Plan for the Future

For many of our students, there’s no plan. They don’t think beyond immediate needs or wants.

But you know your child can’t live that way. They’ll find themselves running out of money for essentials, or time for school or work projects. And then the cycle of failing classes or being fired from jobs continues.

Parent Videos

Improving Lives With a New Direction

This parent shares her experience on how New Directions immensely helped her son. Drawing experiences such as her son's improvement in socializing and making meaningful connections with others.

Choosing a Transition Program for Your Young Adult

You have a lot of concerns as a parent. It has reached the point where you believe a transition program is really the best choice for your young adult. You know your young adult needs more than you’re able to provide. But you still have a lot ...

From Rehab to Transition Program to Successfully Independent

Without guidance, many young adults coming out of rehab programs return to their old behaviors. This mother wanted her daughter to learn how to make her own decisions and recognize that those decisions come with consequences.
So she enrolled her daughter in the NDFYA transition program based on the recommendation of the rehab program staff, and she’s thrilled she did.

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