Dt - Direction Therapy

Direction Therapy CMT (Coordinated Multi-Disciplinary Treatment) is a clinical intervention designed for young adults with autism. Direction Therapy treatments are rooted in the latest scientific literature integrating cognitive behavioral therapy, developmental theory, and neuropsychology into an evidenced based treatment approach. The success of the model has widened its scope of use to a broader population of young adults (those with and without developmental delay).

The Direction Therapy approach helps to prepare young adults for an independent life. It brings together therapeutic services including psychology and psychiatry, vocational training, academic support services, and life management skill training into a comprehensive service plan. Each client’s Direction Therapy service plan guides services and clinical treatment. This initial plan is developed by our clinical professionals using a combination of current and historical information about the student and family. These typically include academic transcripts and standardized test scores, historical psycho-educational reports, and vocational & psychological assessments. Outcomes are reviewed by first identifying, and then monitoring, each individual’s specific long and short-term goals across the different domains (i.e., clinical, academic, vocational, life management skills, and psycho-social).

Research Into Dt

The International Society for Autism (ISA), in partnership with doctoral students at the Illinois Institute of Technology, is taking part in a research initiative to evaluate evidence-based components of Dt. This research initiative funded by ISA examines:

  • Factors predicting academic achievement, social skills, and daily living skills for young adults with ASD.
  • The significance of differences between Dt and traditional therapeutic modalities and interventions.

The research is evaluating what accounts for long-term transitional success using the Dt model. Outcomes are analyzed longitudinally using variables such as vocational success, academic success, and measurements of psychopathology.

New Direction for Young Adults Dt - DIRECTION THERAPY (CMT)

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