Clinical Psychology Services

All students at New Directions receive individual and group counseling sessions weekly. Our clinical staff is available daily to meet with students at our New Directions offices.

The young adult years can be a developmentally difficult period. It’s a time when youths are forming their identities and moving from childhood to adulthood. Some students arrive to college with unresolved childhood issues or traumas. Others struggle with living away from home for the first time or may not have the skills to live independently. They may face problems, such as challenging college classes, difficulty finding a job, poor peer/family relationships, a breakup of a romantic relationship and other issues. New Directions provides clinical psychology services as part of it multi-disciplinary treatment model to help students overcome these challenges and succeed in their life goals.

Finally, the integrated behavioral plans are an important part of the clinical services provided at New Directions.  Plans are developed to address each clients unique obstacles so as to best support their goals and behavioral challenges.

Clinical Services Include:

  • Integrated Behavioral Plans (Monitored Daily)
  • Personalized Clinical Interventions
  • Neuropsychological Assessments
  • Clinical Treatment Team
  • Meetings & Coordination
  • Individual/Group Psychotherapy
  • Medication Observation and Medical Care Coordination
  • Social Skill Training
  • “Team Building” Groups

New Directions Counseling Center

Free to students who enrolled in the New Directions program, psychologists and counselors are available daily. All students receive a minimum of one personal counseling session and one group social skills training session per week. Others may receive 2-3 individual sessions per week and attend groups daily.

We are committed to a multidisciplinary approach to service integration. All of our staff meet formally each week to review each client’s progress and needs. This enables our services to be targeted and implemented most efficiently and comprehensively. Each student is treated using our Direction Therapy CMT, or Dt² treatment method and receives an individualized service plan.

New Directions Young Adults: Clinical Psychology Services

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