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Alumni Spotlight: Andrew S. Rubin

Andrew Rubin (Ph.D. PSYC ’01) is the executive director and founder of New Directions for Young Adults, Inc. and chairman of the board for the International Society for Autism (ISA,, a nonprofit organization funding scholarships for programs serving young adults with a range of psychopathology. In addition, ISA actively engages in research on evidenced-based treatment interventions. Rubin recalls one of his clients, a man with disabilities, who presented at his clinic with profound intellectual impairments, to the degree that clinical

How Music Night Helps Students Build Social Skills While Having Fun

A favorite activity at New Directions is exploring the local music scene, playing music, and reviewing music venues around town. Students and staff come together weakly to learn and play music.  In our student lounge, there are acoustic and bass guitars, drums, keyboard, and other instruments. Basic instruction as well as advance skills come together weekly to help make this event one of the favorites.  When students are ready, it’s off to open mic night. How It Started Though Music Night is

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