New Directions for Young Adults:

Many young adults have academic goals that have not been met due to their individual challenges. Others become interested in new academic pursuits while in the New Directions program.

Typically, our students with academic goals may take college classes at nearby colleges and universities, community college, or online/distance learning programs. Residents will meet regularly with team members for support and skills coaching to help them manage treatment programming and their academic pursuits.

Time Management

Every school has a unique process for admissions and registration. Students are assisted in developing an individual academic timeline, a semester timeline of assignments and expectations, and a daily time management schedule. We provide support to help guide the students through the scholastic system’s requirements, including:

  • Academic Advisement
  • Registration
  • Scheduling Courses
  • Transcript Requests
  • Placement Testing
  • Prerequisite/Co-Requisite Requirements
  • Selection of a Balanced Course Load

Based on each student’s individual needs, attention is paid to details such as:

  • Online Versus Traditional Offerings
  • Time of Day Classes are Attended
  • Structured Versus Unstructured Teaching Styles
  • Tests Versus Class-Based Projects

Coordination of Services and School-Provided Scholastic Support

Once a student moves from the secondary to the post-secondary educational arena, the rules governing the access to and the type of accommodations granted change. The onus is now on the student, not the school.

To that end, we review student expectations, make sure testing will satisfy the school’s requirements, schedule the intake appointment, and work together with the student and the scholastic officer to ensure the student is receiving the support to which they are entitled. Students are also encouraged and assisted in becoming a part of their school’s community by participating in social

organizations, honor or academic organizations, and/or intramural teams.

Students will be provided transportation to and from classes and required academic events.

Employability Skills

We help your young adult identify career opportunities commensurate with education and experience. Education and assistance is provided for:

  • Application and Resume Requirements
  • Interview Skills
  • Dress Codes
  • Employee Benefits Programs
  • Appropriate Professional Conduct

Nearby Schools

These are some of the schools our students are currently attending:

  • Florida Atlantic University
  • Palm Beach State College
  • Digital Media Arts College
  • Florida Art Institute
  • Atlantic Technical Center
  • Broward Community Schools
New Directions Young Adults: Clinical Psychology Services

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