New Directions for Young Adults:

Many young adults have academic goals that have not been met due to their individual challenges. Others become interested in new academic pursuits while in the New Directions program. Typically, our students with academic goals may take college classes at nearby colleges and universities, community college, or online/distance learning programs. Residents will meet regularly with team members for support and skills coaching to help them manage treatment programming and their academic pursuits.

Every school has a unique process for admissions and registration. Students are assisted in developing an individual academic timeline, a semester timeline of assignments and expectations, and a daily time management schedule. We also provide services that any typical autism school for young adults offers. if you are wondering “what is the best school for high functioning autism near me?” we also provide educational services for young adults with Asperger’s, or high functioning young adults on the Spectrum. New Directions also provides educational services for students not on the spectrum struggling with various, and often comorbid emotional and mental conditions. We excel in providing autism educational services like other schools for autism in Florida and California, where we are based.

We are also offering online education for autistic students due to social distancing during Covid-19 with services to help your young adult just like any certified online school for autism. We provide the staff, resources and independent treatment environment to help our students with special needs excel. What sets New Directions apart is that we also provide clinical treatment services, that a typical online school for learning disabilities does not offer. We understand that when you are embarking on the journey of discovering finding the best autism school near me you are faced with an overwhelming amount of choices. Please take a look at our parent videos section also, each parent is to have their newly independent young adult.

New Directions Young Adults: Clinical Psychology Services

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