The goal of New Directions is to prepare young adults to live independent lives. Our program is comprehensive and client-centered, providing an individualized service plan for each participant. Support is provided through a multi-disciplinary clinical approach, and incorporates educational, vocational, independent living, health, social and recreational goals.  New Directions supports students with executive functioning deficits due to a variety of developmental and/or psychological disorders who are willing to participate in the program and capable of learning the skills needed to live independently. Services can be gradually tapered to allow students to exercise the independence they have learned in the program.

The crux of the New Directions program is the Individualized Service Plan (ISP).  The initial plan is developed using input from the student, the family, transcripts, standardized test scores, psycho-educational reports, and results from assessments administered by New Directions. Long and short term goals will be developed in three areas; education & vocational, life management, and psychosocial.  The ISP will be re-evaluated regularly so as to assess progress in each area and to make any necessary adjustments.

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New Directions for Young Adults: Dt - Direction Therapy (CMT)

Dt - Direction Therapy (CMT)

New Directions for Young Adults: Typical Young Adults Track

Typical Young Adults Track

New Directions for Young Adults: Special Needs Track

Special Needs Track


Ten Reasons Young Adults with Autism seek Transitional Living Programs 

Ten Reasons Young Adults with Autism seek Transitional Living Programs Executive Functioning Deficits This includes difficulties with schedules and homework assignments Depression and/or Anxiety At least 50% percent of individuals

Family Weekend Brings New Directions Students, Staff, and Parents Together

A Family Event This past weekend, New Directions students, parents/guardians, and staff gathered for a yearly series of events to bring students, staff, and families together.  Family weekend has been

Biofeedback is Instrumental to Addressing Anxiety

Biofeedback is Instrumental to Addressing Anxiety

Many people go to a therapist with goal of talking about their problems, and then feeling less stressed.  But what if there is another way to address these feelings? How

New Directions Clinical Staff Bolsters Knowledge with CBT Training

New Directions Clinical Staff Bolsters Knowledge with CBT Training

Building Skills and Knowledge “A Goal Without a Plan is Just a Wish” is the New Directions motto, and recently, clinical staff had a training in an area of therapy

Dungeons and Dragons helps with social difficulties

Dungeons and Dragons helps with social difficulties

Ask anyone a few decades ago what they thought of Dungeons and Dragons, and you’d probably get a blank stare, or even a negative response.  In that era, role-playing games

5 Ways you Know a Support Program is Needed for Your Young Adult

5 Ways you Know a Support Program is Needed for Your Young Adult

Severe escalation: Any problematic behavior by your child has become more intense.  Maybe they used to get angry, but retreat to their room; now they’re punching holes in walls and

New Directions For Young Adults Helps Students Learn Skills

Boca Newspaper By: Ethan A. Pond Lynn University Contributing Writer >> Click here to read the article  

Head Games

Humans have a startling ability to extract meaning from words. For most, a facility with written and spoken language is second nature by adolescence. Reading peopleon the other hand—deciphering the

Parent Acknowledges New Directions staff for Exemplary Performance

Hey Guys  I always only write emails when I need to complain about something, so I thought I would just send a quick note to say thank you for all

Facilitating Transitions for Young Adults

We’ve heard the story many times: a young man or woman has trouble succeeding, and the parents enroll them in a wilderness or residential program.  Through intensive therapy and hard

Improving Lives With a New Direction

This parent shares her experience on how New Directions immensely helped her son. Drawing experiences such as her son's improvement in socializing and making meaningful connections with others. Also she

Parent of NDFYA Student Shares Experience to Prospective Parent

 This inquisitive parent decides to ask a current Parent of a New Directions Child about their experience: "Hi, We're looking into the program New Directions for Young Adults out in

A Life Changing Experience for The Entire Family

In this video, a mother whose son is on the autism spectrum speaks about what the New Directions program experience meant to not just to her son, but to her

New Directions California First Annual Parent’s Day: Earth Day 5k and BBQ

The California team and clients have grown quite a bit in the last year! This year, we held our first annual Parents' Day in order to help keep our families

Healing Impacts of Gardening for Young Adults with ASD

Kim Stoddart published an article in 2016 showcasing how the powerful impact of gardening helped her son diagnosed with ASD blossom. The California team here at New Directions saw the

Keeping Young Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) Employed

Young adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) often have trouble finding employment and many are unable to sustain jobs for long periods of time. ASD is much more common today

Anxiety and Depression in young adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD); How is it Best Treated? 

Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is often complex in nature and can have a variety of emotional and diagnostic presentations. For example, many young adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder are much

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How does the ADA Effect Disabled People?


6 Skills Young Adults Wish They Would Have Had Before Starting Their First Job


Why Individualized Plans Are Essential For a Transitional Program for Young Adults


Brandon’s Run Celebrates It’s 5 Year Anniversary

For the last four years, a group of people have been rising early on a chilly Saturday morning in January to run together. But it’s not just any old fun

Staff Spotlight: Ashley Wasserman, Psy.D.

Why New Directions for Young Adults? New Directions for Young Adults is a comprehensive program that utilizes a team based approach. I have worked in many areas of psychology and

Top 10 Life Management Skills Young Adults Need for Independence


Get up and move with social activities at New Directions

Our students have many opportunities for social and physical activities. Whether it’s a planned trip out in the community or just taking advantage of all the hiking, shopping, and water

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