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About New Directions for Young Adults

The goal of New Directions is to prepare young adults to live independent lives. Our program is comprehensive and client-centered, providing an individualized service plan for each participant. Support is provided through a multi-disciplinary clinical approach, and incorporates educational, vocational, independent living, health, social and recreational goals.  New Directions supports students with executive functioning deficits due to a variety of developmental and/or psychological disorders who are willing to participate in the program and capable of learning the skills needed to live independently. Services can be gradually tapered to allow students to exercise the independence they have learned in the program.

The crux of the New Directions program is the Individualized Service Plan (ISP).  The initial plan is developed using input from the student, the family, transcripts, standardized test scores, psycho-educational reports, and results from assessments administered by New Directions. Long and short term goals will be developed in three areas; education & vocational, life management, and psychosocial.  The ISP will be re-evaluated regularly so as to assess progress in each area and to make any necessary adjustments. 

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