Family Weekend Brings New Directions Students, Staff, and Parents Together

Beach Event

A Family Event

This past weekend, New Directions students, parents/guardians, and staff gathered for a yearly series of events to bring students, staff, and families together.  Family weekend has been an important aspect of treatment at New Directions for many years.  While staff remain in contact with parents and guardians frequently throughout the year, the family weekend events allow for more informal interactions in a relaxed atmosphere.  They also allow a setting for students to be recognized for their accomplishments.

An Afternoon on the Beach

This year, the Friday event was a gathering on Deerfield Beach, just a short walk from the famous International Fishing Pier.  Everyone enjoyed the view of the beach, the sea breeze, and playing games.  As the event wound down, a student stood on a bench and did an impromptu performance of songs to the delight of the crowd.

A Nature Show and an Awards Show

On Saturday, a brunch was hosted at the Lake Biwa Pavilion in Morikami Park.  The shaded pavilion featured a wooden walkway to the edge of a lake, where staff and families saw a variety of wildlife such as turtles, otters, and birds.  Later, a large iguana sunned itself by the pavilion, attracting the attention of the visitors.  After the meal, the New Directions staff presented awards to the students.  Staff choose these awards to emphasize the progress each student has made, however long their time at New Directions has been.

Parental involvement is an important part of a student’s progress at New Directions.  To read more about how parents fit in, click here.