NDFYA Parent Testimonial – Our son is 1000% better

New Directions Parent

Hi Michael,

My wife and I wanted to write and say thank you.

When you said to us in 2013 that our son will be 1000% better, I thought, if he just gets 50% better I would be happy. One year later he was 1000% better. It truly was and is a miracle.

He went from being super anxious for years, unfocused, social anxiety, unemployed and depressed to then having a full time job you helped him interview for and get, promotions, with hope for his future and well managed anxiety.

Today three years later, he has successfully sought out and secured “on his own” a new job in a new city, gained confidence, changed doctors on his own, started a romantic relationship and recently got engaged to be married Sept 30, 2017.

It seems that your steady environment, therapy (Jennifer is amazing, amazing, amazing) and getting the right meds have been the secret.

A short note seems trivial for all ND helped him/us do. If we are in the area ever again we are going to come by and give you all a big hug.

We are so thankful for New Directions; you, Tim, Jennifer and the rest of the team.