NDFYA Parent Testimonial – Moving On to Independence

New Directions Parent

Dear Drew and Michael,

We wanted to inform you that our son will be moving in August.

It is with mixed feelings that we have made this decision with him.  However, his dad and I are looking forward to him being closer to his dad and closer to my office.  Also, Alex is now receiving services from med waiver which follow him no matter where he lives in the county.

Over the past 5 years we have watched our son change from a young adult to a grown man.  Without your support, patience and belief in our son he would not be the individual he is today.  We also have learned a tremendous amount from all of you which allowed us to take a step back and let him figure out the world. And he did with your continued encouragement. 

As parents who spent years advocating for our son, sometimes to exhaustive measures, it was a tremendous relief to pass on this tireless work to New Directions.  For the first time in 18 years we were able to sit back, breathe and let you both work your magic with our son.  For that we are forever grateful!

Thank you for giving two parents a piece of mind, thank you for leading our son down the right road and for always being his champion, and thank you for providing young adults with Aspergers an opportunity to shine and prove to themselves and to the world they matter.