New Directions provided the support and therapy our son required to enter college a year later.

New Directions Parent

After his high school graduation in 2006, I realized my son was not prepared to go to college. He lacked the social skills, organizational skills and independence to be a success. As a result, we enrolled him in New Directions, which provided the support and therapy he required to enter college a year later.

However, after 2 years in college, he realized that his anxiety was affecting his health and his organizational skills and grades soon deteriorated.

He asked to return to New Directions to gain a fresh perspective and a stronger work ethic. Under the excellent leadership of Dr. Drew Rubin and daily sessions with psychologist, Dr Michael Kellen, our son learned specific techniques and tools to move forward in his life. In addition, he made new and lasting friendships in a caring and positive environment.

In the fall of 2010, our son will return to college better equipped, more independent, and confident that he can handle new challenges.

In summary, the biggest compliment I could pay to New Directions is the fact that my son asked to return to the program after spending 2 years in college.