New Directions is an excellent program

New Directions Parent

We are so fortunate to have you and the other talented professionals at New Directions in our son’s life. The improvement in his behavior, along with the insight into what will best achieve his personal goals have been just as Dr. Rubin and you predicted at our first interview in 2012.

New Directions is an excellent program and we feel blessed to have found what we have come to accept will be a lifetime situation for our son. Our child’s abilities and difficulties are unique even among the autism community.

The plan is in place and we are excited to move into Michael’s his next phase of life. While it is hard as a parent to accept that our son’s options are more limited than many other New Direction’s students, we think we found a plan that works for his needs and also the New Directions program. We look forward to an arrangement that benefits you and our child for many years to come.