New Directions for Young Adults is a unique program with a proven track record for success.

New Directions Parent

I am writing this letter to express my thoughts about New Directions for Young Adults under the supervision of Dr. Andrew Rubin. Students in this program are given the rare opportunity to learn and thrive in a unique, well-managed setting that will better prepare them for an independent life.

My son is a high-functioning autistic young adult who always dreamed of attending college after high school. He is a talented, bright young man who responds well to a structured setting and a consistent routine. Unfortunately, college life rarely provides a controlled environment.

For an autistic student, the transition into college from high school is often an impossible feat. Many youngsters on the autistic spectrum have tremendous difficulty managing a variety of new situations. Attempting to navigate college life, keeping track of assignments, adapting to new academic challenges, communicating effectively with professors and socializing appropriately with peers are the first in a series of situations that require a calm and proficient problem solver.

While a typical college student usually gains these skills naturally, an autistic student must be taught these lessons repetitively. Additionally, there are few colleges capable of meeting the needs of the autistic population. Faculty and administrators alike lack the knowledgeable or are baffled about this neurological disorder.

It is at this juncture that New Directions for Young Adults steps in. Their highly professional staff is thoroughly trained to meet the individual needs of each student. True to its name, New Directions staff helps each youngster, through a multidisciplinary approach, find his or her own path to a more self-reliant lifestyle.

The vast number of comprehensive and therapeutic services offered in this program cannot be duplicated elsewhere. Dr. Rubin and his staff helped my son navigate through college classes successfully while teaching him practical daily living skills and providing individual counseling on a regular basis. He personally provided the bridge that our son desperately needed before attending college independently. My son learned new skills and gained confidence that were previously missing in his life. New Directions for Young Adults is a unique program with a proven track record for success. I’m grateful my son was able to take advantage of such a wonderful opportunity.