Four Months to Self Confidence!

New Directions Parents From Long Island (After Son in NDFYA for four months)

A caring, talented young man whose development path in life was blockaded by his wall of anxieties. This young man, our 18 year son, we entrusted to New Directions. The initial feedback of resistance and mercurial behavior was all too familiar to us. And yet, amidst temporal chaos, we saw in action a team of professionals at New Directions that knew how best to work with our son in such times of need. As the weeks evolved, their management style of defining roles and responsibilities, enforced discipline, all applied in a caring, professional environment, started to show rapid results.

Within four months our son has demonstrated significant growth in his self confidence, his communication with others, the appropriateness of his own behavior and in a commitment to pursuing his vocational interest.  The New Directions’ staff has had a dramatic positive influence on our son’s personal development. We look forward to continuing to work with them in enabling his personal journey.