From Rehab to Transition Program to Successfully Independent

Her daughter was very dependent.
This mother would receive 25 calls a day. They were all about “ridiculous” things, she says, and were distracting her from her own job.
She dealt with discord between her daughter and her husband. And getting her daughter to attend family events was difficult.
The young woman didn’t know how to drive. She refused to take public transportation. She didn’t budget her money well. 

But That’s All Changed
After completing a rehab program, the staff there suggested her daughter come here to NDFYA to transition out of the “lockdown” of life in the rehab program. The young woman especially needed to work on her social and life skills.
It was the first time this young woman had been responsible for herself. The first time she was required to make her own decisions. The idea was scary to her mother, but she also knew her daughter needed “the opportunity to live independently and make the right choices.”
After what her mother describes as a “rocky start,” this young woman began making progress.

Beyond the Program
Now she’s been back home for a few years, where she continues to practice everything she learned at NDFYA.
That young woman who didn’t want to spend time with her family now looks forward to the gatherings. She visited her father every day during his recent extended hospital stay. She’s learned how to drive, and takes the bus when she needs to. She saves money.
And she no longer calls her mother 25 times a day.