A Mother’s Love: Finding My Daughter

Mother shares happiness over recovered daughter
New Directions Staff

“I’m very proactive,” Mary Ann, a mother of a student at New Directions For Young Adults. “I want to help my daughter succeed.”

This determination to assist her young adult daughter, Alyssa, is why Mary Ann chose to send her to New Directions For Young Adults, a program to assist both young men and young women find themselves and learn to move forward with confidence.

Alyssa loved her mother, but found herself struggling in more ways than her mother felt she could help her with. Alyssa struggled with disorganized thinking, emotional outbursts, self-deprecation, was easily frustrated, and had very poor communication skills. Mary Ann’s concern for her daughter grew, most especially when Alyssa ended up in a psychiatric unit.

A family member of Mary Ann’s, and her attorney, suggested a drug and alcohol treatment program in Florida. This was tried for some time, and proved fairly successful, but Mary Ann felt that Alyssa needed help beyond her addictions into behavioral norms and moving forward with her future. This was when she heard about New Directions.

Mary Ann says it was the best decision she ever made.

“Alyssa is so much more respectful now,” she said. “She used to call so frequently, as if she was afraid to be on her own. Now she asks me if it’s a good time to call, and speaks highly of her experiences, and her excitement in completing the program. The environment she’s in is so much better, and her psychiatrist has worked wonders with her. She’s shown a lot of growth.”

Coming Home

Alyssa completes the program very soon, and Mary Ann is ready for her. She’s found options for Alyssa’s continued treatment as well as opportunities for her to continue to be independent. Alyssa will live close to Mary Ann, and Mary Ann is thrilled with the idea of welcoming her daughter home.

“I’m so glad,” she said. “I made the decision, I invested money, I went by faith.” And she has encouragement for other parents going through the same:

“Let go, and let the program help. Don’t try to control it, even when you want to. New Directions has been wonderful. Trust them to know what they are doing.”