Helping Young Adults With Asperger’s Land a Job

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Dr. Drew Rubin

Many parents who have a child with Asperger’s syndrome eventually come to the point where they are ready to help them find a job but are unsure how to give them the necessary support. These steps will guide you through helping your son or daughter gain the skills and confidence they need to land a job and start becoming as independent as possible.

1 – Select a job for your child that will fit with their needs – Certain jobs may not mesh well with your son or daughter’s personality. Finding the right job for them to apply for can go a long ways towards helping them become happy and successful.

2 – Help your teen develop relaxation techniques for stressful situations – People with Asperger’s will often find situations involving social interaction frightening and stressful. To overcome this and adapt to a workplace, it is important for your son or daughter to develop techniques like deep breathing and muscle relaxation to help ease the transition.

3 – Practice potential interview questions and situations – If your child has already reviewed the types of questions that might come up during an interview, they will be able to perform much better under pressure.