What’s Brewing with Stephanie: New treatment for depression

In this week’s “What’s Brewing with Stephanie,”WPBF 25 News morning anchor/reporter Stephanie Berzinski sheds light on a groundbreaking treatment for depression being used in Northern Palm Beach County.  It’s called deep transcranial magnetic stimulation or dTMS. 

NDFYA’s Dr. Aron Tendler describes how dTMS works.

“dTMS uses magnets, which are in a helmet that induce an electric current or induce neuronal activation in specific areas in the brain,” Dr. Aron Tendler with Advanced Mental Healthcare explained.

Tendler has been treating patients with dTMS since it was approved by the FDA in 2013.  Unlike many oral prescription drugs for depression, dTMS has virtually no side  


“There’s no cognitive side effects, they drive home, they drive back there’s no real side effects, there’s no sexual side effects, there’s no weight gain,” Tendler said