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Breakthroughs in Autism Research: IIT & New Directions

New Directions for Young Adults in conjunction with the International Society for Autism and the Illinois Institute of Technology College of Psychology are working together on some very exciting new research into the cognitive development of adults on the autism...

Austism Spectrum Disorder: Another Look

Among serious developmental ailments affecting children and young adults, autism is among the most common, striking about 1 in 110 individuals. The disorder is more prevalent in children than juvenile diabetes, childhood cancer and pediatric AIDS combined, and is often...

"Head Games: Reading Minds at Work and Play" by Richard Harth

Humans have a startling ability to extract meaning from words. For most, a facility with written and spoken language is second nature by adolescence. Reading people on the other hand—deciphering the non-verbal, often unconscious signals they send out—is a highly specialized talent, one that Andrew Rubin (Ph.D. PSYC ’01) has honed to an uncanny degree...


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